Hotels in Italy

There are many hotels in Italy that offer unmatched fooding and lodging services to tourists who come to Italy every year. There are five star hotels, boutique hotels and small luxury hotels in Italy to suit the budget of every traveler. Starting from luxury accommodation to cheap hotels, hotels in Italy boast all the benefits and features that you can expect from the modern day hotel industry.

Tourism Industry in Italy

Italy is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Millions of tourists come to Italy every year to visit places like Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Verona, Palermo, Bologna, Rimini, Turin, Genoa, Siena and other cities. People visit Italy for its history, cuisine, fashion, art and culture, its picturesque sea beaches and seashores, its mountains and prehistoric tombstones, particularly those from the Roman Civilization and Greek Civilization.

Tourism is one of the most moneymaking and fastest developing industries in the country which makes a significant contribution to the national economy. With revenues of approximately $42.7 billion and 43.7 million foreign tourists coming to Italy every year, the country is the 4th biggest revenue getter from tourism industry and the 5th most toured nation in the world. In spite of the economic depression during the late 1980s and the Gulf War, Italy has reorganized its tourism industry. Most popular tourist destinations in Italy are the following:

  • The Colosseum (attracts 4 million travelers every year and it is the 39th most visited place in the world)
  • The remains at Pompeii (attracts 2.5 million travelers every year and it is the 48th most visited place in the world)

About hotels in Italy

Hotels in Italy come with benefits and features that are considered best in the industry. There is a wide range of hotels in Italy, starting from 1-5 stars. There are 33,557 hotels in Italy in the year 2005 that had 1,020,000 rooms along with 2,028,000 beds. In the year 2005, the hotels in Italy were rated in the following manner:

1-Star hotels: There were 2,000 1-star hotels with 157,000 beds.
2-Star hotels: There were 5,000 2-Star hotels with 116,000 beds.

3-Star hotels: There were 14,500 3-Star hotels with 483,000 rooms and 940,000 beds.
4-Star hotels: There were approximately 3,700 4-Star hotels with 247,000 rooms and 502,000 beds.
5-Star hotels: There were 232 5-Star hotels with 20,686 rooms and 43,150 beds.
7-Star hotels: There was 1 7-Star hotel with 25 rooms

Some popular hotels in Italy

Given below are some of the most important hotels in Italy:

The Town House Galleria

The Town House Galleria or Seven Stars Galleria is based in the center of Milan. It is known to be the first 7-Star Hotel in Italy. It has the prestigious membership of The Leading Hotels of the World. The Town House Galleria started its operations in March 2007

The Grand Hotel Rimini

The Grand Hotel Rimini is a 5-Star hotel based in Rimini, Italy. The hotel is recognized for its stylishness and link with the renowned Italian film director, Federico Fellini. The Grand Hotel Rimini is the only 5-Star hotel in the city and the only hotel to have a private beach. The hotel draws a good number of tourists during summertime.

Grand Hotel Des Bains

The Grand Hotel des Bains is located in Venice. It was established in 1900 to draw affluent travelers. It is recalled for German litterateur Thomas Mann's visit in 1911, which encouraged him to write Death in Venice, a famous novel. The hotel has been a venue for shooting of many famous films like The English Patient, released in 1996.

Hotel Caruso

The Hotel Caruso is located in Ravello. It was established in 1893. Famous visitors to the hotel include Lord Keynes and Virginia Woolf. It is a part of the Orient Express Hotels Group. The hotel has 48 rooms, 24 suites and 2 restaurants.

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