Hotels in Jersey

Turn your trip to Europe the best one by getting your accommodations booked in the finest hotels in Jersey. Jersey offers the most tranquil and entertaining island hotels. Rekindle the romance in your life by staying in the perfect countryside resorts.

Here are some of the top hotels in Jersey that offers excellent services like - private balconies, 24*7 room services, large beds and gourmet dining options.

Jersey star hotels

Chateau La Chaire Hotel - This is surely one of the best hotels in Jersey. It boasts of rendering five star services to its guests with RAC Gold ribbon and scrumptious dining options. You would be amazed to find that the hotel is enveloped by acres of lush green gardens. The picturesque Rozel Bay adds incredible exquisiteness to the magnificent ambience.

You can opt for special honeymoon suites that are particularly designed with grate styles and grace. Rendering its guests the best of the amenities with Oak paneled d�cor and finest accommodations in Jersey.

The restaurants are very poplar for the multiple dining options with the gourmet culinary arts. You have the privilege of ordering the chef specialties 24*7. You can also take pleasure in the private rooms of this hotel which can be booked for personal meetings and private dinners.

The Club Hotel and Spa - Make your luxurious stay in Jersey by getting the finest room in Club Hotel. This star inn of Jersey is located in the center of St Helier. The accommodation also prides in one of the finest Spa's in Jersey. This is the best town-house hotel in Europe.

The rooms and accommodations are completely furnished with 'A' class standards. The bedrooms have huge full size windows that give a splendid feel of royal class. You can open these colossal windows to get the scenic view of the landscapes from a balustrade.

The Club hotel offers the best restaurant, 'Bohemia' which is known to be the only Michelin starred restaurant and bar. You can also relax and take the hot sips of coffee in the Club Caf� which prides in offering the most serene ambience and gourmet breakfast and snack options.

Grand Jersey Hotel - Deeming to be one of the best hotels in Jersey it is known for its sophistication and style. The hotel offers more than 120 rooms of different types. You can opt for special honeymoon suites and uniquely designed bedrooms.

Grand is known for its contemporary styling of rooms. You can find large beds and latest LCD plasma TVs as one of the room amenities. On your romantic getaway to Jersey you can enjoy the sea view rooms which offer a spectacular scene from the private balconies.

The restaurant boasts of offering the finest dining options to its guests. Some of the superbly gourmet restaurants are - Tassili, Victorias and Brasserie. In addition to this you can get an enthralling experience dining in the terrace. The Spa is the main attraction of Grand which offers perfect relaxing massages and rejuvenating experience.

Other top hotels in Jersey

  • Longueville Manor Hotel
  • The Atlantic Hotel
  • La Haule Manor Hotel
  • Greenhills Country Hotel
  • Biarritz Hotel
  • Pomme d'Or Hotel

Make the bookings well in advance to enjoy all the finest services offered by the hotel. You surely don't want to miss the plushest room amenities and special packages during the peak seasons.