Sightseeing in Jersey

Sightseeing in Jersey is the most incredible experience for you touring Europe. Jersey is one of the gorgeous islands and is part of the Channel Island. Don't miss the wildlife, museums and beaches on your visit to Jersey. Check out for the amazing locations and the period to captivate the favorite spots of Jersey.

Famous spots in Jersey

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - Your sightseeing in Jersey is incomplete without your trip to this conservation trust. This is one of the biggest wildlife conservations with over 1400 mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. The area is spread in 32 acres with lush green landscapes and gardens for the wildlife to make feel home.

You can also see some of the endangered species - Orangutans and Gorillas. Don't this incredibly beautiful place in Jersey on your trip to Europe.

Hamptonne Country Life Museum - If you looking for some collection of form buildings and sprawled meadows then take a trip one of the best places for sightseeing in Jersey.

The property of Hamptonne was bought by the family in the year 1633. In the year 1649, Laurens Hamptonne proclaimed Charles II emperor in the center of the market place at St Helier. Explore the history of this pristine destination in Jersey through the verbal characters from the past. Witness the demonstration by the tour guides and by-gone skills to wade through the ancient times.

The museum is open all the seven weekdays from 2nd April to 5th November and the timings are 10am to 5pm. It is located in La Rue de la Patente at St Lawrence.

Mont Orgueil Castle - This medieval architectural magnificence is located on the east coast of Gorey. It is considered as one of the most significant structures during the period. It is known for protecting the people of the island during the rule of King John in the 13th century.

Grosnez Castle - The ancient remains of this castle dates back of 14th century. It is located on the headland of the island. Situated towards the north western tip of Les Landes Island, this amazingly stunning castle is deemed to be the most famous spots in Jersey.

Channel Islands Military Museum - Your love for history and research would surely bring you to the Channel Military museum which is one of most popular destination in Jersey.

Sightseeing in Jersey is totally incomplete without your visit to this incredible museum. It displays all the German World War II military artifacts. The museum prides in showcasing one of the finest collections of civilian items from the activity.

You would be excited to witness the only running military motorcycles. All the displays are in 10.5m coastal defense bunker created as the part of Hilter's extensive Altantic wall. Another attraction is the commentary of 40 minutes that gives the complete insight in the island's history. This prime location of Jersey is situated in St Helier and is open throughout summers.

Hope you have fun sightseeing in Jersey and try to plan more wisely so that you can visit maximum spots in one day.