Traveling To Latvia

Not many of you might have heard about this small country located in Baltic Sea. On your tours to Europe don't miss to travel to Latvia and explore its diversity. The undiscovered place which would soon be listed amongst the A-star tourism spots is Latvia.

The incredible nightlife, cobbled streets and remarkable architecture are the few to mention in this Eastern part of Europe. From crumbling castles to exotic resorts on the shore of azure Baltic Sea would surely sweep you to a breathtaking tour to Latvia.

Famous places in Latvia

Riga - The capital city of Latvia is totally mesmerizing place to visit. This is one of the biggest cities in the Baltic States that have emerged from the Iron curtains to flourish into a hot tourist destination in Latvia. Scenically separated by the River Daugava, the city Riga is the trading hub port and crossroad between Western Europe and East.

The foundation of this incredible city dates back in the 12th century with the emergence of Germans who entered as traders, mercenaries, missionaries. Although, the ancient renaissance is from the Finnic tribe, the Livs the more German influence.

Travel to Latvia and witness the Riga's amazing collection of fine Nouveau Art building and the historic fairytale city center. Riga boasts of rich cultural heritage buildings, top art galleries, national museums and numerous performing art centers.

Cesis - This Latvian town is known for its rich historical significance. The streets are lined with old tan and brown buildings made of stone. You can explore the country's oldest brewery, narrow murky lanes and lush grassy lawns. People who love wandering would especially fall for Cesis which is one of the main tourist's spots in Latvia.

Other prime destinations in Latvia

  • Daugavpils
  • Eastern Latvia
  • Gauja National Park
  • Jurmala
  • Kolka & Cape Kolka
  • Liepaja
  • Sigulda
  • Talsi
  • Ventspils
  • Western Latvia

Things to do in Latvia

Turn your vacation more adventurous by indulging into some of the exciting activities you can plan in Latvia. From water sports to exploring the wildlife are just few things to do in Latvia. You have a lot more to experience and get excited on your European tour. Here are the activities you can do in Latvia -

  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Water sports
    • Fishing
    • Diving
    • Boating

Climate - Travel to Latvia in during the spring and summer. From May to September is the best season to visit Latvia. The average day tome temperature is 16oC. During the July and August it would be difficult for you to get the bookings as, it is considered to be the peak season. Try to make advance package booking as the accommodations are reserved on peak times.

The chilly winters are from January and you can experience the extreme temperature of -4o C. Carry more of winter wears on your trip to Latvia.

Best hotels in Latvia

  • Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel
  • Hotel Centra Riga
  • Grand Palace Hotel
  • Eiropa Hotel
  • Amber Sea Hotel
  • Baltic Beach Hotel