Lithuania Cuisines

Lithuania cuisines are one of the greatest attractions of your trips to that beautiful land of tradition and heritage. Being in the Baltic region the traditional Lithuanian cuisines blend the taste of both the west and the orient together bringing the full bloom out of the food served. The staple Lithuanian food is the dark rye bread called "douna" that is the main dish. One of the typical dishes in Lithuania that you enjoy in most of the roadside hotels and the local food joints is a platter of grilled beef with a couple of freshly made douna along with butter or cheese.

The Lithuania cuisines are generously larded with freshly grated cheese and mushrooms. The use of berries and mushrooms in the staple cuisines of Lithuania are mainly practiced during the period from late spring to mid summer. In the Dzukija region from Druskininkai to Vilnius you get to taste the most delicious Lithuanian soups and broscht (a kind of thick soup with meat and vegetables) cooked with popular tasty mushrooms like baravykas, gudakas and kalpokas.

Most of the widely popular Lithuania cuisines include herbs and seasonings are done with dill, caraway seeds, garlic, bay and juniper berries. The best Lithuanian cuisine is a whole some dish of potato sausage with freshly stewed fruit and vegetable broth to go with it. The region is famous for it's fruit stew, a rare dish, called compote which is typical in the Baltic region. Dairy products like cottage cheese, butter and cream are generously used in the Lithuania cuisines.

The traditional cuisine of Lithuania be it of meat like pork or beef are always topped with cottage cheese and herbs to bring out the fresh and crisp flavor that is commonly enjoyed. The best option in Lithuania is to go for a whole some dish of beef steak, called Schnitzel, being popular due to the German influence in the country. The traditional Lithuanian meat dishes are cooked with care over slow fire with plenty of butter or lard to make it soft and juicy.

For dessert it is best to have an apple pudding generously larded with gooseberries, known as agrastai and currants along with a tinge of home made Lithuanian jam. Smoked pork products like ham, sausage and processed meat chops are widely popular as luncheons with thickly buttered sandwiches in traditional Lithuania cuisines. The Neringa region by the Baltic Sea is famous for fish offering a large number of delicious Lithuania cuisines comprising of baked and marinated herrings, pikes and perch sprinkled with herbs and spices, steamy and delicious fish stews smelling of the sea.

Along with most traditional dishes of Lithuania the hosts are often served with small open-face sandwiches that are topped with smoked fish, sausages, beet, radish, onions and cucumbers. Flavored vodka is also served along with a plateful of Lithuanian delicacy to bring out the real flavor of the food.