Flights to Lithuania

Lithuania is located at a perfect geographical position in the continent. For this reason, Lithuania has become a center of trade and tourism for Russia, Western Europe, Asia, and Scandinavia. Considered as one of the major transport junction hub for the entire eastern European continent, it has also become one of the major tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. Flights to Lithuania are actually connecting this country to the rest of the world. There are 4 international airports as well as more than 30 domestic airports in Lithuania.

International airports in Lithuania

As mentioned earlier, Lithuania has four international airports:

  • International Airport of Vilnius (VNO/EYVI)
  • International Airport of Kaunas (KUN/EYKA)
  • International airport of Palanga (PIQ/EYPA)
  • International Airport of Siauliai (EYSA/SQQ)

All these airports, expect for the International Airport of Siauliai (EYSA/SQQ), are operating international flights to Lithuania. The airport in Siauliai, on the other hand, is used as a cargo terminal only to send as well as receive the charter flights.

The airport in Vilnius is the most important as well the biggest airport in this country. According to the statistics, nearly one and a half million travelers use this terminal each year. Actually, the main reason of this rush is the fact that Lithuania has become a part of the Euro union. And again since 2004, the number of young passengers is gradually increasing, because many of them are going abroad for job or higher studies.

Air Lithuania, one of the major airlines in Lithuania, offers the national aircraft of the country. Apart from Air Lithuania, there are some other major airlines, which offer flights to Lithuania. Lithuanian Airlines, Aurela, and Lietuva� these are the major airlines in Lithuania. These airlines offer regular flights to and from the country. Besides these air companies, AirBaltic, the national aircompany of Latvia, also offer aircrafts to Lithuania.

International airport of Palanga is undergoing a huge moderation. Recently, there was a reconstruction in the runway of the airport in Palanga. After that, the airport has become able to get 4 airplanes in an hour. Nowadays, Lithuania is so popular as a tourist destination, that there may be much more upgradation in the airports lined up. The airport and airlines authorities, which operate in Lithuania, offer international discounts for the travelers. Among them the Ryanair, an Irish company is the major one.

Apart from the four major international airports, there are many small domestic airports in the country. Some of them are:

  • Akmene Airport
  • Druskininkai Airport
  • Kazlu Ruda Airport
  • Nida Airport
  • Paneve�ys Air Base
  • Rukla Airport
  • Zarasai Airport