Restaurants in Lithuania

Restaurants in Lithuania are scattered around the country. The restaurants in Lithuania are varied in nature and they offer a wide range of dishes from various culinary schools. Here are some of the best restaurants in Lithuania. Read on to know about Lithuanian restaurants:

Restaurants in Vilnius

  • Bistro 18: This is one of the best restaurants in the city. This restaurant offers good food with good ambiance. If you want to taste the authentic European cuisine, come to this place. This place is especially recommended for romantic couples. In menu, start with the fish. Enjoy with your with the assistance of the friendly stuff.

  • Rene: This restaurant is famous for great food and an amazing atmosphere. Foods are very cheap in this place, which is the main reason, why you will see lots of young gathering in this restaurant. Come to this place for world class Belgian cuisine. You will also find a Belgian bar nearby. Come to this place for some authentic Belgian dishes.

  • In vino: This is a multi cuisine restaurant, which offers also all European dishes including Mediterranean, European, and French. You also can get sandwiches as well in this restaurant. There is a wine bar in this place too. Come to this place for romantic dinner and comfortable outdoor seating. You will meet with some friendly local people in this place. However, drunk people allover and weak management may disappoint you a bit. As it is hugely crowed everyday, reservation is highly recommended.

Restaurants in Kaunas

  • Bella Italia: This is one of the best restaurants in Kaunas. As the name suggests, this place only serve Italian dishes such as Pizza and Pasta. If you want to taste the authentic Italian cuisine, you must come to this place. You can find this place really affordable. Come to this place for romantic dinner with family and friends. You will really enjoy the outdoor seating as well as the cuisine.

  • BerneliU Uzeiga: Located at the Old Town, this restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in this region. Traditional Lithuanian cuisine is the main attraction of this place. You can come to this place for authentic Belgian and Lithuanian dishes. Apart from that, you also will enjoy its romantic atmosphere.

  • MedziotojU uzeiga: One of the cheapest restaurants in the city, this place is considered one of the best by the local people. Come to this place for romantic dinner and local cuisine. If you want to taste the authentic Lithuanian cuisine, try this place. This place is also good for romantic networking, business, and outdoor seating. Reservations are recommended before your come.

Apart from these restaurants in Lithuania, there are a number of restaurants, which you can find other parts in this country. Every city in this country has some restaurants, where you can taste local cuisine as well as continental cuisine.