Shopping in Lithuania

Shopping in Lithuania is always fun as there are so many things to buy in this country, ranging from alcohol to gold. There are various shops and shopping complexes in Lithuania, from where you can buy souvenir for your family and friends. Here are some items, which you can find easily in the markets of Lithuania. Shopping in Lithuania should include all these items:

  • Lithuanian liquor: Lithuanians are very fond of liquors and they also produce them in higher amount every year. However, the best liquor, which is made in this country, is 999. 999 is also considered as a medicine for stomach ache.

  • Lithuanian cosmetics: Margarita hair care products� these are the must buy for you, if you are in Lithuania. You will find a whole lot of range in beauty and hair products by this Lithuanian beauty company. You will love these products after using them.

  • Lithuanian gold: Lithuanian gold, which is popularly known as Amber, is considered the national gem of Lithuania. You can buy Amber from the local markets as well as shopping complexes. You can find amber in different shades like dark cognac, light cognac, golden yellow, brown, cherry, green, and antique.

  • Souvenirs of Lithuania: There are a number of souvenir shops, from where you can buy Lithuanian souvenir for your family and friend back home. You can buy amber jewelries, woodcrafts, linen cloths, and Lithuanian liquors as souvenir. You can find these stores in Vilnius, Klaipeda, Nida, Kaunas, and Palanga easily.

Here are some shopping complexes in Lithuania:

  • Akropolis: Akropolis is one of the best shopping malls in Lithuania. Akropolis truly gives you the essence of true American culture. There are over 90 stores and 8 theatres in this mall. Apart from these, you can find restaurant chains and ice skating rink.

  • Europa: Come to this place for a wonderful shopping experience. This mall is famous for brasseries, but you can find every single item in this shopping mall. Moreover, all these things are available at a cheaper rate. You can buy souvenirs from this mall.

  • Hale: You can have everything in this market, which you need in your everyday life. This market is opened for all days expect for the Mondays. Come to this place for various things at an affordable rate.

  • Gariunai: Gariunai is located little outside of the city. You can buy everything from this place with a discounted rate. However, this place is especially famous for Turkish items. Shopping in Lithuania would be incomplete if you do not visit this place.