Things to do in Lithuania

Lithuania is a very old country in Eastern Europe. It is bounded by Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia. If you visit Lithuania, you can feel the real essence of Eastern Europe. There are many things to do in Lithuania. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this country while sightseeing in Lithuania. Here are some suggestions of things to do in Lithuania, which you can incorporate in your Lithuania trip.

  • The city of Vilnius: While you are in Lithuania, you must visit the historical city of Lithuania, Vilnius. This city was built in the year of 1323. The old town of Vilnius city is the largest in the whole Europe. The old town is also considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You must visit the Gediminas Square, which is located at the heart of the city. Gediminas Square is also famous for the old cathedral.

  • Mardi Gras festival: Mardi Gras festival is celebrated in a number of cities in this country. The festival starts from the starting of February. The Mardi Gras festival procession, which takes places at the Old Town of Vilnius city is the most famous one of all the processions.

  • University of Vilnius: If you visit the city of Vilnius, do not miss to see the University of Vilnius. This university has a historical importance. It was given its license in the year of 1579.

  • Trakai: This is must-visit spot while you are in this eastern European country. Trakai was the ancient capital of the country. You must see the castle in this old city, which was build in 14 th century. The city is located on the bank of Lake Galve.

  • The seaside resorts in Lithuania: If you want to enjoy some old flavor of this land, you must visit the seaside resorts. These seaside resorts have the white sand beaches and natural sand bank across the vast pine forests. Palanga, Nerija, and Kursiu are the major resorts among them.

  • Hiking in Lithuania: If you are inclined to adventure sports, Lithuania has also something in store for you. You can go for hiking at the Curonian Spit National Park. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from hiking, you can see the beautiful lagoon and the small and large dunes around it. This place is also famous for rare flora and fauna.

  • Kedainiai: Kedainiai is famous its multicultural flavor, old architecture, and rich history. If you visit Lithuania, you must include this historical city in your things to do in Lithuania.

  • Adventure sports in Lithuania: You can experience some adventure sports in Lithuania at the village of Nida. Nida is surrounded by while endless sandy beaches. You can enjoy a number of adventure sports such as windsurfing, kiting, sailing, hot-air ballooning, gliding, bungee jumping, and paragliding in this region. In fact, the city of Vilnius offers a TV Tower, which is also the tallest bungee jumping spot in the entire Europe.

  • Lithuanian handicrafts: Lithuanian handicrafts are very famous, especially when they are exhibited in fairs. In the local craft fairs, you can watch the traditional Lithuanian song and dance, taste Lithuanian cuisine, and glee parties. This festival takes place in May every year.

  • Capital festival in Lithuania: During your visit to Lithuania, you should not miss the Capital Festival, if you are going there in spring. This festival takes place in the month of September. This festival is celebrated on the local streets.