Trip to Kaunas

Planning your Trip to Kaunas will be rewarding, since it is a great place for fun and frolic. Located at the confluence of two Lithuanian Rivers, Nemunas and Neris, this city is frequently visited by a large number of travelers every year. The place speaks of beauty that can leave you with an everlasting memory. The mountains, the grass lands and the dense pine forests at the foothills are the major tourist spots in Kaunas bringing in nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world. The greatest attractions of the place are the long and adventurous mountain trails and jungle exploration trips in Kaunas.

During your traveling to Lithuania, you can get into one of the conducted tours for starting your jungle expedition in Kaunas. Traveling across the pine forests, famous for a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna is a real adventure. If you get tired of hiking just sit and relax with an enjoyable picnic surrounded by the wilderness and serenity of the hilly forests in the area. The guided tours will make your cruise along those trails from where you can view the eagles and the great Canadian mink. Your Trip to Kaunas will let you trace a lot of deers that frequent the jungle tours in Kaunas. Spotting quite a good number of them amidst the dense pine forests of the region.

Take an excursion to the Curonian Spit near Kaunas and visit the old fishing settlements at Juodkrante, Pervalka, Preila and Nida. In your tours to visit the Curonian spit one of the great attractions is the great dinner one of the excellent restaurants in Nida. You can also opt for a light supper after the long and hectic day at Palanga instead. Besides the attractions in the jungle and wilderness, your Trip to Kaunas is also meant to be interesting for the great sites of attraction in the great city of history, heritage and culture. The major tourist attraction in Kaunas is the 14th Century old Kaunas Castle, that speaks of the majestic history of Lithuania.

The Vytautas' Church is one of the oldest churches in the country that reveals a lot about the tradition and exotic beauty in it's architectural mastery. The other main tourist spots that are waiting to be visited by you in your Trip to Kaunas is the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica, Pazaialis Abbey, Neo-Byzantine church of St. Michael the Archangel and a host of places worth being. Kaunas is a place well known for museums and don't miss the famous Holocaust Museum in your visit to Kaunas that depicts the pictures of Nazi and Stalinist atrocity.

The markets in Kaunas are also impressive and are bound to add flavors to your Trip to Kaunas. The markets and the shopping malls offer a lot of items from all possible modern amenities to traditional souvenir stuffs best suited for your choice. The tourists can also expect something more while traveling to Germany. There are always the flamboyant discos, bars and nightclubs to add a tinge of salt to your holidays in Kaunas.

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