Wildlife Holidays in Lithuania

The beautiful country of Lithuania by the Baltic Sea is an ideal place to be for a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast. The dense pine forest and the lush green slopes of the serene and majestic hills in the place is the home of a number of animals and plants that call in huge number of tourists from all over the world. The Wildlife holidays in Lithuania is an attraction too much to miss.

If you want to get the real kick in hiking through long and adventurous trails along the exotic forests with a lot of wildlife spotting chances around then you must fall for the Lithuanian jungle trips. Your Lithuania wildlife tours not only ends in the dense engrossing jungles but also in a myriad of rivers and beautiful natural lakes situated all over the place.

Another principal attraction of your wildlife tours in Lithuania are the five large wetlands, that are Cepkeliai, Kamanos, Nemunas Delta, Viesvile and Zuvintas that contain rich flora and fauna to fill your hearts with pristine joy. Get to hear the real call of the wild in your Wildlife holidays in Lithuania with a visit to the three major National Parks the place boasts of. Aukstaitija National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lithuania.

It being the most beautiful park in the entire Balt holds the thickest green pine forests and tranquil lakes like Lake Dringis and lake Tauragnas. There are over eighty villages and flowing rivers in the park with rich land and aquatic fauna that are the best attractions of the tourists in the Lithuania jungle cruise.

You can get the most fabulous hiking flavor in your Wildlife holidays in Lithuania by cruising along the rivers like Zeimena, Kriauna and Lukna. The Paluse Village is a tourist center in the Aukstaitija National Park where you can get best possible accommodation at a very reasonable price with excellent fresh air of the jungle and the delicious food that will make memories for you to cherish in your lifetime. The best possible attraction on the great national park is the Canadian Mink frequently found in the pine forests and along the lush green banks of the majestic flowing rivers.

The Dzukija National Park is another great spot to be during your Wildlife tours in Lithuania. As well as some spectacular landscapes for hiking and horse-riding, the Park contains the ancient town of Merkine, placed at the point where the Nemunas and Merkys rivers meet. From Merkine Castle Hill, you can get a dizzying view of the Nemunas valley and surrounding forest.

Tone up your Wildlife holidays in Lithuania with the spectacular view from there of the green National Park and the river intersected valley way down below. If you are taking the fabulous jungle view during the day you can get to see the rare eagles that are found in the place. Trakai is a lot smaller than some of its peers, covering a neat fifty square miles. Its main historical focus is the Trakai Castle, perched on an island in the middle of Lake Galve, an ideal spot for fun and frolicking with trails and treks in your Wildlife tours in Lithuania.