Famous Places in Luxemburg

From dense forests to tranquil hills, there is no limit to famous places in Luxembourg. Luxembourg-Ville, the capital city, is divided into two separate districts. The old center is characterized with fortification towers, steeples and winding, paved streets. Very different from the central town, the modern downtown area reflects the beauty of the modern plāteau du Krichberg, regarded as the Wall Street of Luxembourg.

Famous places to see in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful countries that unfold a green and quaint landscape. The several historical sites tell the story of the past are all located within easy reach. Keeping the huge rush of tourists in mind the country had been divided into top five tourist spots frequented by tourists to Luxembourg. The capital city of the country is surrounded beautifully by the central and southern regions. Owing to the breathtaking beauty of the land, the place is more popularly referred as 'the Good Land'. Showcasing rolling farmland and woods this is just the place that would give you a heavenly feeling.


A drive of about 30 kilometers towards the north of capital region of Luxembourg, Mullerthal is the most alluring place of the country. Locals call it as 'Little Switzerland'. The dense woods have paved trails, which is very favorable for you to go for a days trek. The forest is characterized by shrubs as well as sky soaring needle trees. Pristine rivulets and brilliant rock formations merge to make this place one of the most popular regions of the country perfectly favorable for walking and hiking. Germano-Luxembourg Natural Park can be easily reached by coaches and buses that leave everyday from the main bus hub in Luxembourg-Ville. Beaufort and Larochette are the two best resorts for you to stay here.


Drive towards the east to reach this spectacular town of Echternach. Predominantly known for its religious dancing procession, the best time to plan your trip here is during the Whit Tuesday, when the pilgrims from all parts of the world visit here to take part in the annual spiritual ceremonies. Benedectine Abbey and St Willibrord Basilica are the top attractions of the city. Benedectine Abbey was set up in the seventh century by St Willibrord, which has now been converted into a museum. St Willibrord Basilica, on the other hand is a place to witness the most amazing crypt.


If you are a nature lover you must be here. Located towards the north of Luxembourg, Ardennes is a large area, almost one-third of the total area of the country, covered by forests. Locally the region of Luxembourg Ardennes is referred as Eisleck. Ardennes is the most favorite natural attraction of the country and visited mostly by all tourists to this part of the world. The region is characterized by forested plateau, wooded hills and lush valleys. The tranquility and serene beauty of the place will take you to a spiritual world. Photographers and nature enthusiasts flock here to witness this heavenly beauty. Diekirch and Wiltz are the two towns of this region that are famous for the best breweries of Luxembourg. Esch-sur-Sure, a small resort town, surrounded by River Sure, is the best place for you to unwind.