Famous Places in Malta

Malta is known for its azure water, sandy golden beaches and serene beaches. Plan your trip to the most famous places in Malta and explore the medieval cathedrals and walled citadels of the yesteryears. You can enjoy the gorgeous secluded beaches and ancient cathedrals of the Roman era on your Malta visit to famous places.

Major famous places in Malta

Mdina - The beautiful 'silent city' is one of the most famous places in Malta. On your trip to Europe you would surely love to visit this amazing spot. It gained its name as, Silent city due to its tranquil atmosphere although, it is always crowded with travelers from all corners of the world. It is located on the Rocky Mountains and is towards the southwest part of the country.

It was captured for more than 3,000 years and hence, became a political center city. You would be surprised by the captivating natural beauty and would like to spend hours in the serene streets.

The main square of Mdina is adorned by the St Pauls's cathedral. On your trip to Europe don't miss this renowned destination in Malta. It is open all the seven days of week for the tourists. It is known for its colossal frescos of the Paul's shipwreck. On moving towards the gate you can witness the incredibly amazing Mdina's Greek gate - Domus Romana. This is a museum that shows cases the remains Roman town house. This house is impressively constructed in the 1st century BC that features the mosaics for that era.

Presently, the name of the town is one of the most visited spots of Malta. This charming town was originally established by the Phoenicians in 1000 BC. Later, it became the government center of Romans. The name of this tourist attraction of Malta was taken from the Saracens who migrated in the country around 870 BC.

Rabat - The picturesque beauty and the pleasant city of Mdina is enveloped by the tiny town, Rabat. Rabat is more of town and its settlement is outside the walls. The countryside of this tiny town lacks in development of huge buildings but brings the charm and fascination of village life.

This is one of the most alluring sites of Malta which is of Roman significance and was discovered in the late 19th century. Among other worth seeing art works are sculpts, busts and ceramics of Tiberius that you explore on your sightseeing in Malta.

Sliema - One of the busiest towns which spreads the cosmopolitan feeling. You would find the best restaurants, stores and cafes on your visit to the famous places in Malta. You can make your comfortable stay in the most renowned top star hotels of Malta.

Your search for some exciting nightlife in Malta can be served once you visit Sliema. Most famous pubs and nightclubs are located in this city. The best feature of this city is the serene beaches, wide walkways along the shores of the sea.

Other places to visit in Malta

  • St Jualin
  • Paceville

Hope you plan your trip to all the famous places in Malta smartly and get the perfect entertaining and relaxing experience.