Travel to Moldova

Travel to Moldova and explore the best tourist destination of Europe. The land is very fertile to produce vineyards. The stunning spread monasteries, wine tours and dense old forests bring a breathtaking experience.

Although, Moldova is considered economically very low, the capital city Chisinau offers everything to its travelers. Visit the most incredible attractions of Moldova on your family holidays.

Famous places in Moldova

Bendery - On the western shores of Dniestr River, the Bendery city is located which was previously known as Tighina. Although it has not yet healed from the destruction of 90s war but, has surely emerged from the bloodshed.

The lush green Bendery is truly a spectacular place to visit in Moldova. Explore the busiest streets lined with cafes, the stunning sculptures and vastly spread landscape makes Moldova one of the prime destinations in Europe.

Chisinau - The most advanced and fashionable city of Moldova is Chisinau. You would be surely very excited to find the trendiest cars and stylish people on the streets. The colorful atmosphere attracts maximum tourists.

After WWII, this city has stunningly rebuilt making it very different from other towns and spots in Moldova. The fabulous promenades are smartly built. Travel to Moldova to wade through these amazing architectural forms.

Other famous destinations in Moldova are -
  • Comrat
  • Gagauzia
  • Orheiul Vechi
  • Tiraspol
  • Transdniestr

Things to do in Moldova

You travel to Moldova for excitement, entertainment and relaxation. The capital city Chisinau which was formerly known as Kishinev, is the hub for lot of things to do in Moldova. You can see the banks of River Byk. Don't miss the Pushkin House to explore the Great Russian places. The poets spent their days of exile in the region and contributed to the epical poem Eugene Onegin.

Chekhov Drama theatre is another fun activity in Moldova. This ancient theatre was formerly known as Chisinau Choral Synagogue. You can also, relax by swimming in one of the man-made lakes and also enjoy boating.

On your visit to Moldova you can refresh by getting yourself pampered in the thermal spas. The refreshing mud treatments are truly unwinding experience in Cahul. Hirjauca is another very good spa in the region.

Taste the best wines in the vineyards and wine cellars of Krikova-Veki and Mileshti.

Climate in Moldova - The weather is very pleasant throughout the year. The climate is mild with very moderate temperature. The summers are very warm and not very hot, winters very pleasant and therefore invites maximum tourism. It snows sometimes making it really exciting for travelers from hotter places.

Try not to carry too many winter wears and just stick to medium weight clothes. Don't miss to carry one water proof show and some summer outfits.

Best hotels in Moldova

  • Hotel Budapest
  • Hotel VisPas
  • Leogrand Hotel & convention center
  • Hotel Timoty
  • City club Hotel
  • Lidolux hotel
  • Hotel Balti
  • Tineretea Hotel

Hope you enjoy your travel to Moldova and explore the amazing places on your family holidays.