Travel to Monaco

Travel to Monaco the most enthralling destination in Europe which offers the lavish and stylish lifestyle; heritage houses and the grand race that is held annually. The climate makes it one of the best locations in Europe with busiest streets and fashionable stores.

Check out for the plushest restaurants and accommodations while you travel to Monaco with your family for vacations. Get the perfect relaxing feeling in the finest hotels and rejuvenating spas.

Monte Carlo - The plush and glamorous capital of Monaco is one of the famous tourist's spots. The city was established in 1866 was named as Monte Carlo in the honor of Prince Charles III. This is considered one of the most affluent regions compared the other quarters. The city boasts of being the center for Hollywood starlets and many other royal business class families.

On your trip to Monaco you can see the Oceanographic Museum and the Aquarium which are considered one of the prime locations. Explore the Monaco cathedral, Prince's Palace and the lush sprawled gardens while you plan to travel to Monaco.

Don't miss the HSH Prince of Monaco's Private collection of classic cars which is exhibited by the country's famous Royal family.

Things to do in Monaco

You don't want a very boring trip to Europe; plan something exciting and know the fun things to do in Monaco.

  • Board the Azur express tourist train which is very fun and takes you on an exiting ride to the Monaco old town areas. You can have the privilege of enjoying the commentaries in different languages

  • The public beach is totally a stunning experience to witness the amazing sun rise and sun set. Don't forget to carry you swimming costumes and a towel and take the pleasure of sun bath on the clean beachside.

  • Gambling in Monte Carlo would be really thrilling experience so, visit the Grand Casinos located in the exclusive quartier. On your trip you can see the luxurious hotels, restaurants and opera houses. The buildings are exotically styled with atrium lined with 28 iconic golden circle columns made of onyx.

  • Get the unwinding experience on your relaxing session the Monaco's health spas and beauty centers.

  • Are you looking for some more adventure then take the panoramic ride in the helicopter of Heli Air Monaco and get the aerial view of the amazing city.

  • Visit the world famous Grand Prix Formula one race when you travel to Monaco. This event takes place very year attracting travelers from world wide.

Climate in Monaco

The weather in Monaco is moderate throughout the year. You can feel the hottest months in July to August and coolest from January to February. Rains and snowfall is least making it the best places to travel.

You don't have to carry heavy weighted clothes and try getting few light summer wears and one jacket for cool evenings.

Finest hotels in Monaco

  • Fairmont Monte Carlo
  • Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo
  • Hotel de Paris
  • Novotel Monte Carlo

Top Restaurants in Monaco

  • Zelo's
  • Le Grill
  • Restaurant Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo

Travel to Monaco, one of the best locations which offer the blend of ancient heritage the excitement of grand prix race to the travelers.