Famous Places in Monaco

From museums to gardens and churches there are many famous places in Monaco that are frequented by tourists all through the year. The picturesque town of Monaco is an attraction to large number of tourists from all parts of the globe.

Museums in Monaco

Monaco is a place of museums. This small town boasts of several museums that are worth visiting.

  • Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology in Monaco: A rare and exquisite collection of artifacts, fossils and unearthed treasures are at a display here. You can simply witness here some of the most noteworthy highlights of the history of mankind can be witnessed here.

  • Oceanographic Museum of Monaco: This museum is a must visit if you are in Monaco. The internationally famous museum is an exceptional one. The marine science and oceanography is at a best display here. Check out the vast collection of marine flora and fauna, some of which are really rare.

  • Museum of Napoleonic Souvenirs and Collections of the Historical Archives of the Palace in Monaco: This enthralling museum is full of hundreds of major valuable and significant items and documents on the history of Monaco and its rulers, especially the remnants from the First French Empire period.

Gardens of Monaco

Gleeful all of the senses and state of mind, the extravagant gardens of Monaco has in store everything that you are dreaming of. From lush green fields to bushes of rose and other flowers and unusual cacti amid tranquil Japanese landscapes there is just everything you had been looking for. Some rare plants both local and of foreign origin fill the whole of Monaco. Walk down the city as you pass by the Casino terraces through the median strips you would be mesmerized by the beauty.
  • The Exotic Gardens and the Observation Cave in Monaco: There is something extraordinary about the flora of Monaco. The Exotic Gardens and the Observation Cave in Monaco brings together hundreds of millions of species of plants and flowers. The garden was opened in 1933. This is also a place for the botanists to carry forward their research work. While on your visit to this garden you might come across a few of the scientists who can further guide you on plants.

  • Zoological Gardens in Monaco: The zoological garden is nestled on the southern cliff of Monaco. If you want to catch a glimpse of some rare species of animals you must visit this place. There are several exotic birds and animals you can photograph. The zoological garden was set up by Prince Rainier III in 1954. The zoo is houses over 250 animals of 50 various species. The special attraction of the zoological garden are:

    • Exotic birds
    • Black Panther
    • White tiger
    • Hippopotamus
    • Reptiles
    • Primates
    • Lemurians

  • Fontvieille Park and the Princess Grace Rose Garden in Monaco: The main attraction of this place is the small lake surrounded by olive and palm trees. Witness over 4,000 roses here and get into that perfect romantic mood.