Famous places to visit in Montenegro

Located by the Adriatic Sea in the southeastern parts of Europe, Montenegro is one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the world. This country is famous for its deep-seated cultural heritage and notable historical monuments. Fed by the Gothic, pre-Romanesque and Baroque cultural traditions, Montenegro is noted for its cultural intermingling of different ethnic groups and religious sects. As a historical city, Montenegro is famous for being home to numerous leftovers of the Roman and Ottoman empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

All the famous places to visit in Montenegro are spread uniformly across the country. The main sightseeing attractions in Montenegro are located close to the top hotels and restaurants over their. It allows for convenient package tours in and around the country. The presence of the Adriatic Sea to the southern coast of the country has helped a great deal in popularizing Montenegro as one of the finest holiday destinations in Europe. Many of the famous places to visit in Montenegro are nestled near the sweeping coastline.

Your first impression of the country would be blended with a sense of discovery of the past and unification with the modern urban existence. In many ways, the quintessence of Montenegro has resemblance with the city of Venice in Italy. The way the citizens of this country carry themselves out, it will remind you of the Venice lifestyle a lot.

The generic laid-back attitude is perfectly complimented by an acute consciousness of aesthetics. The buildings and museums of the country reflect that charm pretty well. There are a number of travel and tour operators to take the tourists along all the famous places to visit in Montenegro.The famous Kotor Bay is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the region. Many ardent nature lovers come over here to experience true solace amidst the lap of nature. The panoramic view of the river from the mountaintop is a breathtaking sight indeed!

The old town Budva organizes festivals in the month of September each year. The ambiance gets filled with unrestrained joy and merriment as people from diverse cultural background join in the fiesta of fun. Talking of sightseeing in Montenegro and you need to come over to this city to feel the pulse of a festive atmosphere!

Ranging from the shingling shores to snow-capped mountain ranges - Montenegro offers a wholesome blend of nature as well as adventure tourism. The Montenegro government has taken several steps to build up a truly world class tourism infrastructure in the country.