Travel to Netherlands

Travel to Netherlands and explore pristine destination to turn your romantic holiday thrilling. Get the insight of all the major guidelines required for you to plan your trip to Europe's best places.

Here are the famous places for you to visit when you travel to Netherlands -

Famous places in Netherlands

Amsterdam - The most beautiful city in Monaco is Amsterdam. You can find the wildest and the most incredible attractions on your visit to this amazing city. Travel to Netherlands and explore the capital city. The city is surrounded by canals, waterways and is spanned with more than 1000 bridges.

Amsterdam is enveloped with many water bodies making it a very refreshing view for most of the travelers. Many of the architectural constructions are from the golden age of 17th century in Netherlands. The houses are narrowly constructed by the Dutch and are ornamented with traditional gables.

The city is known for diamond cutting center. The city prides of 53 museums, 61 art galleries, 12 concert halls and 20 theatres. The city invites people to come and be part of the fete.

Haarlem - This tiny town is located towards the west of Amsterdam and center for Dutch tulip production. The stunning countryside with tulip fields is totally a breathtaking experience. You can view the tulip bulbs from the end of March to mid of May. The entire town is designed with the 16th and 17th century architectural magnificence.

The oldest museum is the Teyler museum which prides its establishment since 1784. Explore the marvelous art work displayed in the museum that consists of paintings by Rembrandt, fossils, coins and scientific instruments.

Other main places to visit in Netherlands

  • Ameland
  • Delft
  • Den Bosch
  • Den Haag
  • Groningen City
  • Leiden
  • Maastricht
  • Middleburg
  • Rotterdam
  • Texel
  • The Delta Region
  • The northern and Eastern parts
  • The Randstad
  • Utrecht City
  • The Southeast parts

Things to do in Netherlands

  • Wade the popular streets by renting a bicycle and join the Dutch. There are more than 17,000 kms of designed cycle tracks around the city. Cycling can be really refreshing and exciting.

  • On your visit to Amsterdam get a glass topped boat tour to the enthralling waterways and harbor. You can witness the most interesting spots of Netherlands by taking a ride on the Museum boat. This is one of the most famous spots in Netherlands.

  • If you are interested in human body then you must visit Corpus and explore the human body interiors. Many informative medical exhibitions are held here attracting maximum tourism.

  • Make your trip to the Hoge Veluwe National Park which is considered one of the pristine attractions. When you travel to Netherlands don't miss the underground museum and the Kroller Muller Museum which prides of containing more than 250 Van Gogh paintings. There are many other art works which would surely sweep your heart.

  • Are you looking for some more thrills? Enjoy the football match in one of the top Dutch stadiums, Amsterdam Arena, PSV's Philips Stadion in Eindhoven or the De Kuip in Rotterdam where Feyenoord play takes place.

  • Drive your way to Afsluitdijk which is stunningly beautiful creation of 1930s.

  • Explore the historical heritage and renovated Het Spoorweg museum which is also known as Dutch National Railway Museum.

Top hotels in Netherlands

  • Eden Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam
  • Hotel Vondel
  • Lloyd Hotel
  • Qbic Hotel Amsterdam Wtc
  • Hotel Arena

Hope you enjoy your stay in Europe and plan all the splendid spots while you travel to Netherlands.