Famous Places in Poland

Poland is dotted with some of most amazing places that are worth visiting. All famous places in Poland have something new and something very unique to offer. The friendly people will greet you with a warm welcome as you travel through the country's most shameful 20th century remnants in Oswiecim and age old history of art and culture in Krakow.


Treblinka is a remote village located in the northeastern region of Poland. The place was famous for being a Nazi death camp where the Jews from various countries of Europe along with Poland were sent as the Nazis began to start putting into practice their plan to methodically kill European Jewry. With over 17,000 stones kept in memory of the deaths, Treblinka, also referred as "forgotten by God", is one of the largest graveyards of the country.


Located in the northeastern region of Poland, Tykocin is a small village near the Bialystok Township. Tykocin is located close to the extermination camp of Treblinka. This is one of the small Jewish villages that were formed by the Polish Jews who were totally destroyed by the Nazis. Built in 1642, the Baroque Synagogue is regarded as one of the supreme places to visit in Poland. The place has been turned into a museum today that showcases Jewish artifacts. Baroque Catholic church is a popular tourist attraction of the town that was built in 18th century.

The Warsaw Ghetto

No matter how infamous this is, the ghetto at Warsaw is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Poland. The remnants of the Jews of Warsaw, who were captured and kept in Ghetto during November 1940, still remain as a memory in the town. The Ghetto buildings have been rebuilt now with modern buildings that have replaced the German ones. Only some portions of the original wall and few monuments remain today that reminds of the painful killing act that took place there.


Majdanek, more popularly known as Maidanek in Polish, is a Nazi Prisoner of War camp and enforced labor camp from the shameful history. The camp was built in the suburban area of Lublin. During the final days of World War II this had been the first Nazi concentration camp. Majdanek also housed the only workable gas chamber that was discovered by the Allies.


Auschwitz, known to all in the world as the first concentration camp, reflects the painful history of torture by the Nazis. The concentration camp started working from June 1940 at an ex-military barracks. Today the name Auschwitz is known to the world as a synonym of Holocaust and the genocide related to the Jews. On September 3rd, 1941, Zyklon B, an insecticide was used for mass killing of prisoners for the first time in a gas chamber.

There are countless places in Poland that you can explore. The best time to visit this country is during the summer months. Winter is generally very chilling but can be good option for you if you want to take part in skiing.