Travel to Portugal

Planning for a traveling to Portugal? Then you have come to the right place. This page is going to offer you detailed information on every issue related to Portugal trip, be it about the various places to see, accommodation facilities, history, restaurants, or even shopping. So all you need to do is to go through this page and collect all relevant information on traveling to Portugal. Previously nicknamed as 'The Sick man of Europe', todays Portugal is listed as one amongst the various European unspoilt tourism destinations.

Tourism in Portugal is booming. The rich and turbulent history of Portugal shaped the country from the days of discovery started between the 15th and 16th century, till the autocratic leadership of Estado Novo beginning from 1932 to 1974. While you are traveling to Portugal, you will find that the country is home to many World Heritage Sites that include both natural and cultural marvels. It is a country that boasts of amazing diversity, excellent weather, and friendly and welcoming people. So during your trip to Portugal you will enjoy the warm hospitality of the Portuguese people.

Apart from visiting the places of tourist attraction in the country, the picture-postcard scenery with pristine beaches, craggy windswept coastline, fishermen villages, fairytale castles, gleaming whitewashed houses and cobble stoned streets promise to turn you awestruck.

Sightseeing in Portugal includes visiting the famous places in Portugal like the historic cities of Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra and Braga; mingling with the colorful crowds in any of the sophisticated beach resorts; wander through the medieval parts of the various Portugal cities, and many more. For exploring the more remote beauty of the country, a romantic night stay in a pousada - a converted monastery, farm or manor house for enjoying a wonderful pastoral setting - would be the perfect idea.

Before your traveling to Portugal, you need to make your Hotel reservations in Portugal and know something about the Restaurants in Portugal. Portugal is best for European sporting holidays since it is the country that takes much pride in being the one of the premier golfing destinations in Europe, whereas the tennis schools ranks as the best in the continent. Horse riding, water skiing, big game fishing and windsurfing are some of the activities that tourists can enjoy. Portugal offers the perfect glimpse into European culture, while sporting its own unique tastes and flavors. It is the perfect getaway, whether you are traveling with a boisterous family or just your partner.