Famous Places to visit in Portugal

Portugal like any other European country has its own culture and heritage. There are many famous places in Portugal and Europe has always fascinated travelers who wish to get a feel of both the traditional and modern. Given below are the places which you can visit if you travel to Portugal.

  1. The Gulbenkian Museum
Museum always fascinates those who love history and culture. Gulbenkian Museum is located in Lisbon, and is one of the famous places in Portugal. It has a lot of ancient Egyptian artifacts and paintings done by famous artists. The museum also boasts of a garden which is sure to attract a lot of visitors.

  1. Praca de Comerico
Praca de Comerico is a beautiful plaza in Lisbon which is also a must see for you. If you visit Lisbon, a visit to Praca de Comerico is a must. The beautiful plaza faces the river, which gives you a wonderful view of the river. This place is suitable for an evening stroll as it is situated in downtown Lisbon.

  1. St. Jorge's Castle
This castle is also situated in Lisbon and is one of the famous places in Portugal. This castle is situated on hilltop which gives you a spectacular view of the city and the river flowing below. You can also visit Alfama, which is another tourist attraction.

  1. Belem
It is a neighborhood in Portugal city where one can enjoy the historical monuments and buildings. The Belem tower and the Belem cultural center is also situated here, which is an added attraction for tourists. One can also visit the Royal Palace of Belem which is known as the Presidential Palace of Belem.

  1. Aveiro City
Aveiro city has a number of canals and bridges. So it is regarded as Portugal's Venice. As there are gondolas in Venice, in Aveiro city you can enjoy a ride on molicerios which are equivalent to gondolas. Visitors can also enjoy a lot of historical buildings and parks that are there.

Camara municipal, Carmelite church, Aveiro cathedral are some of the historical buildings that are worth viewing. Dom Pedro Children's park and Anotonio Park are some of the parks which can be visited both by adults and kids.

Aveiro city has a lot to offer to. Visitors can enjoy shopping at Forum Aveiro, Aveninda Dr. Lourenco Peixinho and other shopping arenas. If you are sports enthusiastic then you can enjoy water sports in the beaches of Costa Nova and in the rivers. Aveiro is a must visit among the other famous places in Portugal.

  1. Chiado
Chiado is a wonderful historical street in Lisbon which is a favorite hotspot for visitors who enjoy both shopping and dining. If you are a party animal, then Chiado is the right place for you. Also the statue of Fernando Pessoa famous Portugal modernist poet is here, where you can enjoy being clicked beside him.

  1. Evora
Evora is a mix of both ancient and modern. Here one should visit the Evora University, which used to be an ancient convent. You can also visit the ruins of Temple de Diana which is a Roman temple. A visitor can also enjoy a walk in Evora Park or in Jardim Publico.

  1. Ponte 25 de Abril
As San Francisco boasts of the Golden Gate, Portugal boasts of Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge. This Bridge is the link between Lisbon and Setubal Peninsula. The designer who designed the Golden Gate is also the designer of Ponte 25 de Abril.

  1. Coimbra City
Coimbra city is another tourist attraction where you can see the great university of Coimbra. Here you can enjoy your walk inside the university garden. Apart from Coimbra University, you can also see a number of cathedrals and ruins of Conimbriga.

  1. Portugal's Cristo Rei
Criisto Rei is a statue in Portugal, which has a height of 100 meters and the Tejo River is in front of this huge statue. After you reach the statue you will be astonished to have an overview of the city and the river.

Right time to visit Portugal

Portugal is generally among the warmest countries of Europe. During spring and summer, it is usually sunny and temperatures high. In autumn and winter, it is generally windy and rainy, but sunny at times. So if you love traveling you can drop in at Portugal at any time as the climate is not very extreme.

How to reach Portugal?

Portugal is well connected by road, rail and airways. Airports in Europe are divided into two sections, that of domestic and international. The domestic airport is known as �Schengen" and the international airport is known as �non- Schengen". There are various airlines that fly everyday to Portugal besides their own airlines named TAP Portugal. There are three main international airports in the mainland namely, Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

Trains also reach most large cities from Lisbon and it is well connected to Madrid and Spain. Portugal is also well connected by different sea ports which are of help to the merchants. So plan your holidays fast to visit the different famous places in Portugal.