Travel to San Marino

Are you on your Europe trip? Travel to San Marino to explore the totally untouched beautiful spots on your romantic vacation. Make your Europe trip the most memorable on by visiting the pristine locations and trying some exciting activities in San Marino.

Famous places in San Marino

There are numerous famous places for sightseeing in San Marino. From cathedrals, heritage buildings, palazzos - you can find many spots worth visiting.

State Museum in San Marino - On your visit to San Marino, do not miss this amazing heritage museum that displays valuable art piece of the 17th century Neolithic age. There are more than 5000 artifacts all these were acquired after archaeological findings carried in the country.

You can find interesting paintings of the same era and would be simply thrilled to know that they are huge historical significance.

Museo di Auto d'Epoca - One of the most visited spots is this museum which gained popularity after the formula one racing on tracks. Travel to San Marino to explore the largest collection of automobiles from the 18th century. You can find the extraordinary displays of the vintage cars that were on run, till 1970s.

Museum of Torture - One of the very unique museums in that showcases the different stories and mechanisms used for torturing people during the medieval era. You would be amazed to witness the various devices used by the people in those times.

There are lot of graphical illustrations and scenes of torment that can put negative effect on your mind.

Other famous places

  • Museum of Curiouses
  • Museum of old war weapons
  • Basilica del Santo
  • Church of San Francesco
  • Chiesa San Pietro

Climate in San Marino - The temperature is very moderate in San Marino and therefore, you can visit it through the year. You can find moderate snowfall during the winters and some rainfall during the summers.

However, the weather is very clean with pleasant breeze blowing. It is better to travel with light to medium weight clothes. You must carry a rain wear as, rainfall is quiet frequent in San Marino.

Things to do in San Marino - There are lot of interesting things to do in San Marino. You can explore the historical buildings of medieval era. You would be forbidden from taking your car and therefore, take a stroll and enjoy the experience. The whole atmosphere is a perfect scenic magnificence with many spectacular views.

The marvelous pine forests, aromatic fields and the serene waterways would surely sweep your heart. Fishing can be a very relaxing activity on vacations; try exploring the freshwater fishing here. You can also, enjoy riding and walking on the exciting dense forests.

Another, very entertaining activity you can indulge into is by attending the 24 Ore di San Marino which is the country's sailing regatta held in the month of July. Feel the adventure of racing by enjoying the Gran Premio Formula 300 (Formula One Grand Prix) one of the most famous motor racing events in the world.

Make your stay the most comfortable one by getting your booking the most luxurious suites in the best hotels in San Marino.

Hotels in San Marino

  • Hotel San Giuseppe
  • Best Western Palace Hotel
  • Hotel Joli
  • Hotel Ristorante Cesare
  • Rosa Hotel

Restaurants in San Marino

  • Pane e tulipani
  • La Fratta
  • Ristorante la Grotta

Travel to San Marino to explore the most beautiful pine forests, marvelous heritage buildings and to indulge into exciting adventure sports on your vacation.