Travel to Scotland

Travel to Scotland is an amazing experience and this land has something to offer to every tourist who has love for history, glory, bravery and freedom. This place is located around the north of the English border and the River Tweed flows along the heart of the country. While you are enjoying your traveling to Scotland do not forget to see the historical sites in the great cities of Scotland. For your benefit here we are providing you with all the details about traveling to Scotland and the great cities of this place:

  • Edinburgh: This city is the capital of Scotland widely regarded as one of the most famous historic cities in the world. The heart of this city can be found in the old Edinburgh area which is located between the royal palace of Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle. There is a common saying that Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in Europe, and that is why, your tour is going to be a really charming one.

  • Glasgow: Glasgow is one of the largest cities in Scotland and this place is located almost at the center of the largest urban area in Scotland. Historically, the city of Glasgow is quite rich and it is famous for its long and intriguing history. This place has now become one of the major places for shipping and is gaining in importance as the industrial center. In the recent times the city of Glasgow has evolved as one of the main centers of arts and architectural heritage in Scotland.

  • Fife: Fife is surrounded on the on the south by the Forth, north by the River Tay and in the east by the North Sea. There are various kinds of diversities in this place which make the place famous all over the world. This place is a land of great beauty and picturesque views. That is why as a tourist once you come to this place you are going to be mesmerized. Some of the greatest places of attraction in Scotland are located in this place also.

  • Stirling: The city of Stirling is one the most important cities of Scotland which is full of historical evidences. Amidst the old city you can find the throbbing pulse of the past. That is why if you are here to know this country from its core then must pay an attentive visit to all the important places of attraction in this city.