Travel to Serbia

With the great network of transport and communication, traveling to Serbia is no more a problem. The country is well linked to the major cities of the world via flights. The Republic of Serbia is situated in the Central region as well as the Southeastern part of the continent of Europe and even comprises the southern region of Pannonian Plain besides covering the central Balkan Peninsula. The country is surrounded by Hungary to the north and has Bulgaria and Romania to the east. In the southern part are the countries of Albania and Macedonia. Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Herzegovina form the western boundaries. One of the most amazing places you will come across after traveling to Serbia is Belgrade, the capital city of the country.

The country of Serbia came up full fledged in the year 1817 and expanded its territory south wars including Metohija, Kosovo, Vardar Macedonia and Ra�ka. Getting to Serbia is not a worry and for this the credit goes to the country's great network of transportation. You can make use of the car transportation when traveling from one city to the other. Belgrade, Munich, Vienna and Budapest are well connected by road. A highway toll rate is charged when crossing two countries. Travel to Serbia is real fun because apart from its great transportation network you get to see a lot of interesting and eye catching tourist attractions.

The train which is another popular mode of transport for traveling to Serbia is comparatively costly but. The train tickets can be as costly as the air tickets at times. Austria is the main link for connecting the cities. Bus is a good medium for traveling to Serbia as there are several national companies running bus services from one city to the other. There is a bus which connects Serbia-Montenegro and operates from the great German towns. For the ones who want to board flights, JAT offers daily flights between the cities in Serbia and elsewhere. There are flights to Belgrade from Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfort, Zurich and Vienna.

Tours to Serbia is on a great demand these days. With the Serbia travel being made so easy and convenient, more and more travelers are coming to this part of the continent for holidaying. On your Serbia tours, you will come across the most bewildering attractions in the form of mountains and villages. The Zlatibor, Tara ad Kopaonik are the famous resorts here. Some of the Spas here are the Vrnjacka Banja, Ni�ka Banja and Soko Banja. Thus traveling to Serbia is not a problem and do make it a point to visit this beautiful place if you are traveling to Romania. Log on to to know all the information on traveling to Serbia and relevant details on traveling to Slovenia.