Travel to Slovenia

Travel to Slovenia has become very popular these days. There are travelers mainly from the Western European cities, including Romania. The airlines that operate flights for traveling to Slovenia are Slovenian national airlines and Adria Airways. The flights will take you to Ljubljana Airport. Adria is a regional carrier of the Star Alliance that links it to United Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airways, LOT and Air Canada. Once in Slovenia, you can buy tickets over the phone and have them delivered to you, anywhere in the country, within 24 hours. The Ljubljana Airport is at Brnik, 25 kilometers north of Ljubljana. Thus, traveling to Slovenia is not a problem at all.

You can choose to Travel to Slovenia by train. In train travel from Ljubljana, there are good daily trains to Vienna (6 hours) and Venice (5 hours) and Budapest (8 hours). There is a fast daytime Euro City connection to Berlin (15 hours) and overnight service to Prague (12 hours). The Ljubljana train station is close to the city center. While traveling to Slovenia during Christmas holidays, you will have a very good time. Major Slovenia attractions are Nova Gorica with its casinos. It is ideal as it also offers varied New Year's Eve entertainment. Casinos are also there in Kranjska gora, Otocec, Bled, Portoroz, Lipica and elsewhere.

After traveling to Slovenia you can go for a plenty of other attractions as well. In Ljubljana, Saint Nicholas's fair, Zvezda Park children's Fairy Town, December's Open market are worth seeing. Maribor is a popular skiing place and Maribor Pohorje has many good hotels and spa resorts. If you have plans for traveling to Slovenia you must chek out the tourist farms there. Many tourist farms will offer you traditional cuisine and wine. There are also carol-singing and live nativities.Slovene winter-sports resorts such as Kranjska Gora, Bovec with Kanin and Pohorje are well known.

Apart from skiing and skiing events, there are also trails for snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sledding and ski touring. This is a must include in your itinerary if you are traveling to Slovenia. In Postogna, the Postojna Caves are a 20,570 meter long Karst cave system created by the Pivka River. Here, live nativity is a glorious event. Bled Castle sits on the top of a 130 meter cliff overlooking Lake Bled and after Postogna Cave, it is the most visited tourist attraction in Slovenia.

Slovenia Tourism : Slovenia has many mountains. Julian Alps rise to 2864 meters at Mount Triglav. Triglav National Park is named after Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak, located in the park's center. There are the Kozjansko and Skocjan Caves regional parks too. Please do visit the Ljubljana medieval castle and 16th century Ravne Castle on the banks of the Eben (Meza) River. Rinka waterfall lying in the Logar Valley, proclaimed natural heritage, is a popular tourist destination. It is great for ice climbing in winters. You will certainly enjoy traveling to Slovenia. So make it a point to visit Slovenia if you are traveling to Romania.