Travel to Sweden

Sweden is a country situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula, on the Northern part of Europe. The country is bordered by Norway and Finland. The country is also connected to Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Sweden is also a member of the European Union from 1995. The capital city is Stockholm.

Economically Sweden has lot to talk about. The country is a major exporter of iron, copper and timber. Due to improved communication system many new natural assets of the forests are utilized for economic development. Sweden is also popular from another aspect. The ever renowned and the art of pride The Noble Prize is awarded from this great country.

Sweden is also one of the popular tourist center of Europe. Every year there is good tourist traffic to the places of interest located in Sweden. Some of these are stated as follows:

  • Akmene
  • Alsedzia
  • Apuole
  • Upsala
  • Barstycial
  • Belvederis
  • Berzoras