Things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is the other name of paradise. This place is not even famous as a paradise on earth. Rather since ages people and traveler considers Switzerland to be another name of paradise. While you plan your trip to Switzerland make a plan of things that you can do there. Here we will discuss about Things to do in Switzerland which will guide you too.

Hiking and tramping
At Switzerland you can just be friends with nature. This is a place where you become a part of Mother Nature too. The stretches of mountain, the lush green meadows and snow-covered peaks are enough to call for a hike. If you want to hike here then all the facilities are provided by the Tourism department. The way is filled with small joints of restaurants and inns. These inns help a lot while you are on a hike. But if you don�t like to hike much then a simple walk in the lap of nature will help you to experience Switzerland in a most exciting way.

Adventure in Interlaken
One of the most interesting and biggest outdoor adventure park at Switzerland is the Interlaken. So, you should not miss out on the fun at this park. If you are planning to visit this place with your family then the children will definitely have a great time. There are different kinds of adventure games that you can try here. The games available for you are like, sky diving on Swiss glaciers, water ski and many more. The place is near to the highest train station in Europe. The altitude of this place is about 3400 meters high. When you plan for Things to do in Switzerland, don�t miss out this adventure park.

Day out in the capital city: Bern
You must keep a day to spend in Bern. This is a beautiful city to be visited. The beauty of the city is that it is old. The people here are trying to keep it old too. The shops and building are standing here since ages. Bern is surrounded by rivers on three sides. The construction of this city is unchanged since 12th century. A walk in the city will make your visit to Switzerland a worth. All the old churches, buildings, monuments belong to this city. The old stone bridge over the Aare River is a treat to the eyes.

The local delicacy
The different places of Switzerland hold different culture and taste. All the culture is close to them. So the delicacy at different places is different. But they are unique too. So you should not miss out on anything. The food in Switzerland is mostly covered with cheese. The cheese is again different at different place owing to the quality of dairy. Two things you should not miss while you travel in Switzerland. They are fondue and nut cakes. Fondue is melted cheese and small slices of breads are to be dipped in it. Nut cakes are the specialty of this place. Different varieties of nut cakes are available here.

Yes to Swiss Chocolates
Even if you have not visited Switzerland, you must have tried Swiss chocolates somewhere. These chocolates are famous all over the world. Moreover when you visit Switzerland you just can�t miss on the chocolates. The secret behind the exclusive chocolates of Switzerland are that they are made from the best diaries in the world. These chocolates are the finest chocolates in the world. The different types of Swiss Chocolate that you can taste while traveling are:
  • Milk Chocolates
  • Dark Chocolates
  • White Chocolates
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Toblerone
Few other varieties which you can try are Swiss dairy product mixed in mint, orange essence, buttery caramel, raspberry and Irish cream.

Shopping for Watch
Watches are a part of Swiss lifestyle. One out of three shops in Switzerland is a watch shop. One thing needs to be noted here that every person in Switzerland is always on time. The luxury of life in this part of Europe lies in wearing the most expensive watch. The watch mechanism is also unique here. So if you have planned a trip to Switzerland then do shop for watches.

Revisit history by visiting the old villages
You will be surprised if you visit the old villages of this place. You must try and visit the Graubunden area. The houses of this place belong to the 13th century. Amazingly, people stay here too. Moreover you will find them speaking an ancient language called Romanch. This language has become almost obsolete. But the people of Switzerland hold on to their culture and mythology. So, they still speak this language. A visit to this place will take you back to the ancient time of the 13th century. Few other old villages which you can visit are:
  • Appenzell
  • Wengen
  • Sion
  • Andermatt
  • Morcote
The train route
You can realize the entire beauty of Europe while you take a train route in Switzerland. The train travels across the snow covered mountains and the lush green meadows. While the train moves within Switzerland you can experience your presence under the supervision of nature. But such trips on a train are a little expensive. But you can explore various websites to get few favorable deals. Once you can opt for a good deal you can see the paradise while traveling in a rail. There are few trips where you can spend the whole day in a rail and can explore this part of Europe. The Glacier express is well known world wide.

Alpine Skiing
The winter and summer, both the season are much awaited in Switzerland. It is so because this place gets beautiful with every season. Switzerland is very famous for the ski resorts. The huge grounds of ice are just perfect for skiing. In Switzerland you can ski above 2000 meters high. Sit on the mountain top with a dairy product and enjoy each part of Switzerland. In your list of Things to do in Switzerland, you must add this activity to enjoy the trip. You will not be able to ski during spring and summer. So, visit Switzerland during winter to enjoy skiing.

This is a sport in Switzerland, but it is a crazy sports. You can use a wooden sledge and travel more than 06 kilometers. This will give you an amazing feeling to ride on the snowy surface. Once you plan your holiday do try out a ride over the sledge.