Europe Travel Theme

If you are already set to spend a cool trip in Europe, you should first decide upon a proper theme for your holiday and then design your tour accordingly. Europe is the ideal vacation destination as you can enjoy the diversities of the continent starting from the crystal blue seas, mesmeric mountains to lush green forests.

Varied themes for tours in Europe can be categorized as follows:

  • Biking & Cycling
  • Ecotourism
  • Gardens
  • Golf
  • Horse riding
  • National parks
  • Nature
  • Walking & climbing
  • Water sports
  • Winter sports
  • Wellness & spas
  • Beaches

1. Biking & Cycling in Europe:

If you really want to contemplate the countryside view of Europe in your own way go for the biking and cycling tours that are available in reasonable rates. For that you first need to decide which part of Europe you will travel. If you have gone for a compact trip and do not have much time in hand then you have to focus on a particular country or a region within it. Always keep in mind the distance your bike or cycle will cover in one day, can be covered in one hour by other vehicles like train or bus. So accordingly fix your schedule. These are eco friendly tours as you add no pollution to the atmosphere. You can take assistance of biking guidebooks and maps to make your ride more exciting. You can also avail proper bike tours from travel agents who will take the entire responsibility of the trip.

2. Ecotourism in Europe:

Ecotourism comes with a purpose of conservation of the environment. If you are willing to make your trip comfortable, soothing and environment friendly, then choose a destination which is close to the nature and away from the urban pollution. The nature parks, forests, riversides, remote villages and rocky landscape are the ideal sites for spending a laid back yet exciting vacation. To make your journey more thrilling and eco-friendly, you can make arrangements for caravans, tents, canals or boats and off-course bikes or cycles. If you prefer to make your stay less wild you can also stay in the eco-lodges, cottages, chalets and boat houses. Needless to say that you must carry a travel guide, tour map and other necessary items as they might not be available in such remote corners.

3. Gardens in Europe:

There are beautiful botanic gardens strewn all over Europe. You can go for readymade tour plans offered by the travel agencies or you can also make your own plan by listing up the gardens of your choice grabbing information from the online travel sites. Some gardens have lodging facilities which can make your stay more enjoyable.

4. Golf in Europe:

If you are in love with golf want to spend a lazy vacation on the desolated beaches or landscapes, then Europe is your dream destination. Portugal, Turkey, France, Cyprus and Spain are renowned for such pleasure trips. Numerous hotels, resorts and cottages with all types of facilities are available within the golf courts. Moreover you can also contact the tourism centers for assistance. You can enjoy and stay there playing golf, enjoying mouth watering cuisines and taking golf cart rides along the stretch of the golf court.

5. Horse Riding in Europe:

Horse riding gives you a royal pleasure and more so when you are riding by the lush green countryside of Sweden, the historical castles of France, the Balkans in Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Such alluring sites for horse riding are there in almost all countries of Europe. There are varieties of tours available covering the beaches, valleys, mountains, forests and historical places of Europe. Get a tour guide and plan your own trip according to your preference or you can also leave that to the tour operators.

6. National parks in Europe:

Spending holidays in national parks is the best way to stay out of the hustle and bustle of the cities. The national parks of Europe are fine combination of spectacular scenery with eye-soothing flora and fauna which makes the holiday healthy as well as relaxing. Europe is the home for varied types of national parks that include the volcanic crater of Mount Teide, the mushy landscape of Dartmoor, a part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxony National Park of Switzerland, the Vysoke Tatry National Park of Slovakia and many more.

7. Nature in Europe:

Nature tours in Europe focuses on birding, wildlife, fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting, photography, rock climbing, trekking, biking and horse riding. For taking a nature based eco-friendly tour you should first decide whether you want to focus on any particular type (mentioned above) or want to go for a combination which will also depend on the amount of time you can devote. Nature trips are generally refreshing and thrilling that makes you feel young at heart. Such tours are quite safe for families as there are adequate security arrangements at the cottages or resorts within the forests or national parks or other isolated areas that are close to nature.

8. Walking and Climbing in Europe:

Walking and climbing are some of the most adventurous ways to traverse through the various landscapes of Europe. For such tours you should be physically fit, any kind of injuries or illness may be fatal for the tour. You can enjoy better if you are traveling with a group. Walking, trekking or climbing takes a long time and thus you should plan your trip and keep enough time in hand. The Alps presents a wonderful treat to the trekkers and climbers for a breathtaking holiday.

9. Water Sports in Europe:

For the water sports lovers there are exciting packages of Europe tours that include sports like water skiing, swimming, diving, water polo and many more in the inland waters, rivers and sea beaches.

Best European destinations for water sports are as follows:

  • Shipwreck dive destination: Zenobia in Cyprus
  • Best place for surfing: Playa da Famara, Lanzarote
  • One of the best kite surfing destinations: Gaziveren, Northern Cyprus
  • Wind surfing destination : Rhodes, Greece

10. Winter Sports in Europe:
If your visit to Europe is without winter sports, you cannot enjoy the trip to the full. This continent gives you the opportunity to enjoy and delve into the various mountains, valleys and glacial regions covered with snow and take pleasure in adventure with your friends and families by taking part in or being witness to the various winter sports of the region. Some of the best winter sport destinations are:

  • Zermatt in Switzerland
  • Jungfrau Region in Switzerland
  • Chamonix in France
  • The Arlberg in Austria
  • Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy
  • Meribel in France
  • Val d'Isere in France
  • Saint Moritz in Switzerland
  • Kitzbuhel in Austria
  • Verbier in Switzerland

11. Wellness & Spas in Europe:

Wellness is one of the most important aspects of human life that helps you in keeping physical and psychological diseases far away. Being a state of the mind and body, wellness demands a kind of lifestyle that will not only liberate your mind but will make it energetic too.

Spa, with its Latin root meaning ‘solus per aqua’ is a way to keep your body and mind healthy by immersing your body in water. The best wellness and spa destinations in Europe are:

1)Budapest in Hungary
2)Bath and Somerset in UK
3)Istanbul in Turkey
4)Tuscany in Italy
6)Andalusia in Spain
7)Baden-Baden, Black Forest and Wurttemburg in Germany
8)Pamukkale in Trukey
9)Karlovy in Karlovy Valley
10)Bohemia in Czech Republic
11)Evian-les-Bains, Haute Savoie, Rhone Alps in France

12.Beaches in Europe:

If you want serene beauty away from the artificiality of the plastic urban structures, then sea beaches are the best destination for your soul. You can enjoy more than hundreds of beaches all across Europe. Some of the finest beaches are:

1)Icmeler in Turkey
2)Port d'Alcudia in Spain
3)Bournemouth in United Kingdom
4)Benidorm in Spain
5)Albufeira in Portugal
6)Antalya in Turkey
7)Playa del Ingles in Spain
8)Corralejo in Spain
9)Puerto Del Carmen in Spain