Larnaca Bay, Cyprus

Larnaca Bay, Cyprus is one of the most interesting coastal cities, along with many beautiful beaches. Located on the eastern coast of Cyprus, it was also known as Kition or Citium. A popular commercial port city, Larnaca is also home to many tourist resorts. What draws the people to Larnaca is not only the beaches though. The cultural heritage and the warmth of Cyprus hospitality is equally important. The city is probably the oldest in Cyprus, with its origins dating back to more than 6000 years ago. But the ancient cultural heritage of the city is not the only inspiration.

While the city represents an interesting and unique blend of traditional and modernity, of the old and the new, the place has an old world charm and a slow pace, despite the availability of all the modern amenities. The Larnaca bay itself houses many popular beaches, with many beach front hotels and resorts, as well as beach apartments which are moderately priced. You will probably find everything much cheaper here in Larnaca, than the rest of Cyprus.

Larnaca Bay, Cyprus is hub of some major activity, with some of the popular beach activities being shopping, eating out, drinking, swimming, sun bathing, scuba diving, parasailing, boating, jet skiing, snorkeling and sailing, among others. The shoreline is dotted with several hotels and resorts, with some of the popular ones being Golden Bay Beach hotel, Louis Princess Beach hotel, Lardos beach Hotel, the Youth hostel, Onisillos hotel, Sandy Beach hotel, Faros Holiday village, Michael's Beach apartments, Stavros Hotel apartments, Boronia Hotel apartments, Frixos hotel apartments and Sun Hall apartments, among others. While the beach offers much activity, you should definitely try some of the Cyprus cuisine and kebabs, available at extremely cheap prices. There are many rental shops in case you are looking for some gear.

One of the interesting spots in Larnaca Bay, Cyprus is the amazing ship wreck of Zenobia, the latter being listed in the top ten diving wrecks of the world. You can hire a boat trip from the marina, the latter capable of parking more than 400 yatchs. The bay is a hub of much adventure and fun, along with many cheap options of accommodation and eating out. Thus it is also ideal for those looking for a budget holiday. Some of the most popular beaches in Larnaca Bay include Phinikoudes beach, McKenzie beach and CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organization) beach, among others.

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