Mundaka, Spain

Mundaka, Spain is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in Spain which is not very easy to find. It is located on a headland projecting into the bay. Even if this beautiful beach is situate just thirty kilometers away from the industrial area of Bilbao, Mundaka, Spain is considered to be one of the best places for tourists who want to enjoy a tranquil beach area and also see the varied colors of nature in different forms. You may not find a spot in the name of Mundaka, Spain in most of the tourist maps, but the place can be visited if you are at Spain and really searching for it. You can get help in this regard from a number of travel planners or from a number of websites.

Mundaka, Spain offers some of the best attractions which are present usually at most of the beaches. The most important attraction at Mundaka is the presence of a number of colored boats, the availability of local wine and to add to all these are some of the plates of crunchy anchovies and stuffed olives. The fragrance of fresh fish being fried in garlic moves through the entire village situated close to this beach and gets the appetite as it is. Mundaka, Spain is among the eleven attractive spots in the entire world famous for world championship surfing tour and this spot acts as the venue in October for the Billabong Pro. The population of the nearby town is 1800 and it grows amazingly during these competitions.

You will not get any glitzy shop which sells tacky souvenirs. But there are places where you can get accommodation nearer to this beach in Spain. The opening time of the Billabong Pro is truly traditional accompanied with music and dance. The one who wins gets a very special treatment from the members of the Mundaka Surf Taldea and the individual is also carried over to the port from the podium on the shoulders of eight representatives and then he is thrown into the water. Mundaka, Spain is thus one of the most famous beaches where people enjoy this water sport.

At this time a large number of visitors visit this place to enjoy the beautiful game. If you are going to visit Spain then do try to get to the Mundaka beach at least once and enjoy the magic and elegant beauty of the surrounding. Know more about the Top 50 Beaches in Europe as offers detailed information about Mundaka, Spain.

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