Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey

Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey is a 5 km long beach with a perfect combination of golden brown sand and turquoise blue water. This beach is also known as Iztuzu Beach. The priceless way to reach the Turtle beach is to sail through the deep blue water. However Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey is connected through various other roads. So, you can reach your holiday destination through road.

This beach has been named as the Turtle Beach as it is the place for longhead turtles. These particular turtles are huge and they come offshore during the summer nights to lay eggs. This place became a tourist spot in the year 1987 when a luxurious hotel was built on the beaches.

The scenic beauty of the Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey cannot be described in words. The hilly landscape around the beach area is green in color. The beach has golden brown sand. The water of the sea is of turquoise blue. The intermingling of these three landscapes is just a treat to your self.

The boat trip
Do not miss a chance to sail through the boat trip once you visit the Turtle Beach, Dalyan. A moonlight trip is a much desired one. Though, the trip in daylight will be enjoyable. The meal is prepared on the boat. On the boat ride you can enjoy the fish hatcheries, rugged coastline, golden beaches and a barbeque lunch. You will surely see the dolphins, Flying fishes and turtles. You can hire a boat and go for the joy ride too. Get a ticket for a boat ride and you will surely remember the trip life long.

The journey at Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey
Once you are at the Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey you should not miss out on the following things:

  • Don�t miss to see the local Dalyan Mud Bath.
  • Take a taxi boat or local bus to visit the beach.
  • The riverfront restaurants will give you the view of the rock tombs.
  • You can try the micro light air craft flying.
  • There is a tour of 12 islands. Try that out.
  • Sea fishing and diving is a must.
  • You can try the horse climbing and mountain climbing.
  • The Dalyan life is incomplete without boat trip.
  • Jeep safari and white water rafting are the tourist�s favorite.
  • The rock graves are worth a visit while you return from the Turtle Beach.
  • The toll boat looks like a bridge when you are half way on the boat ride.

At the beach you might not see turtles as they appear on the beach for few days in a year. Moreover they come to the beach only during night to lay eggs. However early morning you might see turtles there. But while you take the boat ride you will surely see turtles. The Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This place attracts tourist from all over the world.

The beach is one of the most precious one because of its natural beauty. You should know the best time to visit Turtle Beach to watch the turtles on the beach. The best time to visit would be in the month of June. You can find various hotels and resorts which will cater to your needs at the Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey. You can search various sites to know which hotel will suit you the best. On the Mediterranean Sea the Turtle Beach, Dalyan, Turkey falls under the top beaches in the world.

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