Travel to Turkey

Turkey the only European country that embraces Islam as its state religion is aptly called the black sheep among its peers. Situated somewhat in between Asia and Europe the country has been one of the oldest civilizations. The capital city is Angora while Istanbul and Konya are other major cities. Because of its proximity to several water bodies Turkey has a number of sun bathed beaches a pertinent attraction for any European.

Turkey is also reminiscent of its by gone era and celebrates them through the Byzantine and Ottoman structures scattered across the country. Turkey with its architectural splendor brings the old world charm to the continent of Europe thus Travel to Turkey opens a whole new vista of experience for the traveler.

The country has a host of good hotels and ample air flights connecting it to all major destinations across the world thus making the Traveling experience less hazardous.

Since tourism is one of the prime revenue earners for the country Turkey does a lot to promote the fervor of globe trotting among tourists far and wide to foster Travel to Turkey.