Famous Places in Turkey

One of the famous places in Europe, Turkey has witnessed many a great battles and that is evident from the fact that it has many dilapidated castles that were destroyed during the wars and the battles. There are palaces and battlegrounds that speak volumes of its historical past. However, if you are planning to travel to Turkey, make sure you visit the famous places in Turkey so that you get to know more about the country and its heritage.

Popular places in Turkey

Once you land at the airport and you have an airport pick up facility, you will be whisked away to your hotel. You can arrange for sightseeing to the famous places in Turkey with the help of the hotel authorities. Enquire at the travel desk and you will be able to find out the expense involved in touring around the famous places in Turkey.

Given below are few of the places of interest in Turkey. These tourist attractions spots draw visitors from everywhere, within the country as well as overseas. The places that you must visit include the following -

  1. Pergamun
This place is a standing testimony of the ruined Anatolian Kingdom. Watch out for the Asclepion and Acropolis.

  1. Istanbul
Some of the places you can visit in Istanbul include Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Spice Bazaar, and Aya Sofya etc. Don't miss out on Bosphorus.

  1. Safranbolu
You will be able to this Ottoman townscape. There are many houses made of wood and those that have been restored to make it suitable for dwelling.

  1. Ephesus
Enjoy the ruins of this roman city by sitting in a theater that can accommodate as many as 25,000 people at any point of time.

  1. Hierapolis
If you travel to this part of Turkey, you will be able to locate the "Cotton Castle" and the ruins of the Roman city of the yesteryears.

  1. Cappadocia
Referred to as one of the famous places in Turkey, it is also known by the name Kapadokya. Explore the underground cities.

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are other famous places in Turkey which deserves to be seen around. These include -

  1. Lycian Way
  2. Sumela
  3. Amasya
  4. Doyubayazit
  5. Ani
  6. Sanliurfa
  7. The Far Southeast
  8. Nemrut Dagi etc

Best time to visit Turkey

The climate you will encounter when you travel to Turkey is varied. The country is segregated into 7 identifiable climatic zones. As such, it is important to decide when you should book your tickets if you want to see the famous places in Turkey. It is hot during the months of July and August. And sometimes it can go as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

You will experience spring during the months of April through May. Autumn is pleasant too which is from September to October. As such, these 2 periods are the best time to visit Turkey, to experience its glory, historical past and above all know more about the people, their culture etc.

Excluding Istanbul, you will rarely see tourists in winter. As such, there is a dearth of accommodation during the winter months as most of the hotels remain closed. So, you have to find out which hotels are open so that you can book your rooms.


Famous places in Turkey are at plenty. Regarded as one of the best places in Europe, Turkey attracts fairly good number of tourists every year, although less as compared to the other European tourist destinations. A valid visa and your passport is required if you are coming in from another country. Check out the airline companies that operate in the airports of Turkey.