Travel to Ukraine

Ukraine is located in the south-eastern part of central Europe. Travel to Ukraine is really exciting. There are many tourist attractions in Ukraine. Ukraine is famous for theaters, museums, old structure, history and shopping malls. Throughout the year the country is visited by millions of people around the world. There are many spectacular landscapes, gardens, parks and rivers which will give you the perfect ambiance to spend the holidays.

The most important place is Kiev, the capital city. There are many museums, theaters and shopping malls here. Kiev is the largest scientific, industrial and cultural center. This city offers numerous choices to the visitors to make their stay in Kiev wonderful.

There are many tourist attractions in the city that can keep you busy during your visit to the city. Kiev is one of the largest European cities. The culture and environment of the city will make you fall in love with this charming city.

Crimea an Ukrainian peninsula was a summer playground for Kremlin leaders. The place is very favorite among German tourists. There are many tourist sights in Crimea. The place is also famous for wine production. Tourist always like to come here and spend the day. There are many placaes here which will take you to the time of early 20th century.

Odessa is a famous site of 192 steps of the Potemkin stairway from the film Battelship Potemkin. The place is famous for Jewish culture. There is a opera house here which is one of the world's largest opera house. Other attractions of this place is Voronstov Palace and Statue of the Duke of Richelieu.

Travel to Ukraine will never be in vain you could get thousands of options to spend the holidays as the country is filled with some exciting scenic beauties apart from museums and palaces.