Top 5 Famous places to visit in Ukraine

Enjoy your holiday in the unexplored beauty of Ukraine. The magnetic Ukraine is all set to mesmerize you with charms of the famous places to visit in Ukraine. The beauty of Ukraine can fill every moment of your holiday with great delight. This largest country of Europe can be your most desired place with the splendid beauty of magnificent mountains, rich heritage, exotic culture, wonderful architectural elegance and bustling city life. Amongst the famous places to visit in Ukraine are the cities of Lviv, Odessa, Sevastopol, Chernigov, Yalta and above all the gorgeous Kiev. Kiev is the most interesting visiting place in Ukraine.

Famous places in Ukraine

Kiev: This magnificent city can boast of having a number of historic landmarks. While visiting Kiev don't miss St. Sophia Cathedral, the oldest standing church of the city, built in 11th century. This wonderful church is furnished with some of the country's finest mosaics and frescoes.

Lviv:The city of Lviv will present before you the traditional riches of architecture from Gothic to the current age.This capital city of western Ukraine possesses the wealth numerous architectural monuments in Ukraine.The "must visit" spots are Old Town, 19th Century town hall and a large number of 16th to 18th Century building of architectural elegance.

The Carpathian Mountains:The magnificent landscape of Carpathian Mountains adds a new essence to Ukraine travel. Amongst a number of popular resorts in Carpathian Mountain, the most famous is Yaremche. Experience the adventurous hiking to the alpine meadows full of fleshy berries and the lovely waterfall "Huk". Besides this the architectural sightseeing of Yamche is also fascinating. Land on the picturesque town of Kosiv. Nestled in the land of high mountains of Hutsulshchyna the Kosiv is a wonderful place to spend your time in peace and tranquility.

Hotyn: The fortress of Hotyn is the best attraction of this region. The fortress contains the memories of the historic legends.

Kamyanets-Podilsky: This 11th century old town is situated on a rock island. The amazingly beautiful nine-towered stone castle impress the travelers and as most of the castles are open for the visitors, you can get a great view of the town and the countryside from the castles.

The best time to explore Ukraine is during Spring. While spending you vacation in Ukraine enjoy the delicious and variety of cuisines in the huge range of restaurants of Ukraine. Have the delicacies of local Ukrainian food to Chinese or even Swedish cuisine. Experience the beautiful Ukraine and make your days most unforgettable.