Travel to United Kingdom

One may travel to UK for various reasons. This is one of the countries that receive high volume of visitors throughout the year. It is one of the busiest economic centres of the world. Also it is one of the famous destinations for-fashion, shopping and trade. However, a significant number of people also visit UK for vacations as well.

The city of London and Manchester, many shopping streets, ports, plush meadows, manicured and well maintained gardens, the royal palace, the Big Ben and the London Bridge- all have made UK a dream destination of holidaying. From UK you can also take a trip to Ireland and Scotland to expand your traveling experience by soaking yourself in their rich and diverse culture. Hence, you can safely decide about UK as your next holiday destination.

Why travel to UK

Only few countries in the world have a long and colorful heritage like England. It had been the cradle of many ideas and ideologies, which have given shape to the modern world. It is the land of political ideologies, literature, drama and art, revolution as well as sports. Here, modernity coexists with nature in harmony. UK offers an eccentric mix of history and modernity, which has never failed to surprise visitors. Traveling to UK is therefore an enriching and fulfilling experience always.

Britons are warm and friendly people, who have always welcomed visitors with open arms. In some places you may even find people offering their houses to travelers for �home staying� so that the foreigners can soak into the true British culture.

Finding a right place to stay that will suit your budget has never been an issue in UK. There are world famous hotels as well as budget inns for guests to meet your needs. You may search on-line and make your booking beforehand as these places are always in high demand.

How to reach to UK

UK is well connected with the world through its many ports, roads, rail routes and airports. Hence, getting there isn�t much of an issue. The London International Airports, Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport, are two of the busiest airports in the world. Daily flights are available to and from London to any part of the world.

London is also well connected with rest of Europe through long distance bus routes and coaches. You can take a bus trip to London from Paris, Dublin or Amsterdam. Similarly, plenty of convenient train routes are also available to London from the other parts of Europe.

Within the country the different places are well connected between themselves both by roads and trains. Although the London Tube is another tourist�s attraction it is also the best and convenient way to travel to and from London. If you have decided to travel by the London Tube, however, make yourself aware of the routes as getting confused is really easy with the many trains continuously pulling in and out of London Station.

While in UK, take a trip to Ireland and Scotland as these places are well connected from London. There are regular train routes available from London to Ireland. Getting to Scotland and Welsh is also very easy as there are regular busses available to take tourists to these places. Since passport isn�t required you may not even realize when you cross the British border and enter into a new country.

Things to do in UK

You have traveled to UK to make your vacation most successful and hence, you may check out about the things you can do and places you can visit while in the country. Actually there is no limit to things that one can enjoy in UK. Following are some suggestions to make your UK vacation most intriguing.

The general opinion about Stonehenge is that it was constructed during the prehistoric time. It is said to be related to the pagan past of the country. Stonehenge proves that UK has been inhabited by human even during the prehistoric time. Today this place is one of the major tourist attractions.

London Bridge
Do you still remember the famous London Bridge from children�s rhymes? Every kid will recognize the famous Tower Bridge or the London Bridge at least by sight.

Well, when visiting UK why not experience the famous Tower Bridge once and pay homage to this famous architecture of our childhood memory.

London Eye
The London skyline looked very much different before this giant construction was set up to mark the beginning of the new millennium. This 135 meter tall giant wheel with 32 glass-enclosed gondolas has since become a major tourist attraction. Every year around 3.5 million visitors take a round on London Eye.

The Giant�s Causeway
This can be one�s experience of a lifetime. The Giant�s Causeway, which is situated in County Antrim on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, is a geographic formation of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns caused by an ancient volcanic eruption. According, to the local tale, an Irish Giant had cause the volcanic eruption which had created this fourth natural wonder of UK. Giant�s Causeway had been declared the world heritage site in 1986.

Buckingham Palace - St James Park
It is the official residence of the royal family of Britain and also a major tourist attraction. The British royal family is one of the few royal families left in Europe and hence they are bound to arouse curiosity amongst people. Every year around 50,000 visitors take a trip of the royal palace. Many also gather before its gate during the time of guard change to witness the elaborate event.

When in UK you mustn�t miss to experience its excellent night life. London hosts many night clubs and pubs which are unique in their own ways. These are great places to hang around and cool off after a hectic day of sight seeing.

London is also said to be the paradise for shoppers. London streets are full of shops with extraordinary collections of- souvenirs, apparels, shoes, leather goods, collectibles and many more. Some of the best places for shopping in London are- Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, and Convent Garden etc.

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