Things to do in Faroe Islands

Faroe Island is a traveler's paradise as there are number of places where you can drop in during your trip to the island. Even though it is one of the tiniest islands, there are number of historical buildings, old architectures, etc. The island also has diverse flora and fauna and lovely beaches where you can simply walk or you can enjoy some local delicacies that are sold in the eateries near the beaches. There are different things to do in Faroe Islands during your trip to the country. Given below are few such things in and around the country.

Ruth Smith Art Museum

Visiting Ruth Smith Art Museum is one of the things to do in Faroe Islands. This place has an interesting history and you can find many interesting art works over here. Ruth Smith was a painter and artist and she died at a very young age in an accident. She was buried near the museum and this place houses all her paintings, both finished and unfinished. You can see self portraits, landscape, stills, and drawings etc, which are wonderful representation of art works. In fact this museum was built in her memory and also to restore all her art works, both finished and unfinished.

Akraberg Light House

Akraberg is a small place situated in the southern most part of Suouroy, which is 5 kilometers from village Sumba. The lighthouse was built in 1909 and it is one of the light houses that are still there, even though there are no inhabitants. The last family that lived in the lighthouse was during Christmas Hurricane and now it is completely vacant. Now the place is put on rent to tourists who visits the place. The light house now functions automatically, although needs timely supervision at times.

RIB 62

If you want to enjoy sightseeing in the island on boats, then you can take a ride on RIB 62. This boat ride is one of the things to do in Faroe Islands which is unique in nature. RIB is known as Rigid Inflatable Boat, which is owned by RIB 62, operates from Hvalba to Torshavn. The boat can accommodate 12 people at a time and is one of the most enjoyable rides where you can see different places that are situated near the cliffs and the sea. At times several water sports and various adventure activities are organized by the owners of the boat.

Husio Uttan Anna

Husio Uttan Anna is one of the ancient houses located on the banks of river. It is situated in Sandvik, the northern most village in Suduroy. Here you can find the traditional house that was built in 1866 and is still intact as far the style is concerned. The last inhabitant of that house moved in to Torshvan during 20th century.

The house is built by wood and rocks and the roof is turfed. Interiors of the house are still intact, where you can see different things that were used during those days by the people of Faroe Island. You can also see different old items that were used by the inhabitants of the house and different other items. Visiting this house is one of the things to do in Faroe Islands.


This is one of the eastern most islands and Fugloy means Bird Island. The name is apt as there are number of birds nest in the cliffs of the island. This small island is rich in flora and fauna, and different variety of birds nests in this island. There are number of sea and land birds out of which puffins are typical to this place. You can also enjoy breath taking views of the neighboring islands of Svinoy and Borooy. Sunsets is one of the must watch in the island and visiting this island is one of the things to do in Faroe Islands.